Professional Experience That Saves Time And Money 

We’ve Recovered over One Million Gigabytes of Lost Data for Clients like You. Lazarus Data Recovery has over 32 years of combined professional data recovery experience servicing clients such as yourself. Corporate clients worldwide including Hewlett Packard, Apple, Disney, FedEx, M.I.T., and NASA come to us with their data recovery needs because the job is done correctly the first time and with a success rate close to 100%. To these organizations and everybody else in between, lost data can be a devastating occurrence that needs immediate attention. It could be management that had crucial documents on their computer, a proposal that¹s been worked on for weeks, or sensitive data that requires the utmost confidentiality–we have over 32 years of experience dealing with these crucial, time-sensitive situations that can have serious financial implications. Our experience minimizes time and capital loss and gets you back in business quickly.

Satisfaction Guaranteed*

Lazarus Data Recovery is committed to your satisfaction. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the integrity of the data recovered, contact Lazarus Data Recovery. We’ll do everything within reasonable limits of the Service Agreement to recover lost data to your satisfaction. 

* Restrictions Apply